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Be Mobile

To reach all potential customers possible your website must be mobile responsive. We design all of our websites to look as good on a cell phone as they do on a computer or tablet. If you want to be found you must be seen on every internet connected device possible and at A Dot Com […]

Ebook Marketing – Getting the Word Out on a Budget

E-book author Erica Martin interviews book marketer Lynn Serafinn about her top marketing tips for authors with a small (or non-existent) marketing budget. Next to writing a great e-book, effectively marketing your e-book is probably the  most crucial…

Business directory website package

Every city needs to have a business directory. We design our directory with WordPress making it easy to edit the business listings. We provide one on one assistance to teach the final owner how to run the website. In less than one hour anyone can use WordPress. Your website will include featured business slots along […]

Why your Restaurant needs Mobile Advertising

Why Your Restaurant needs Mobile Advertising to make money. If you own a local restaurant and you are having a hard time fill your tables, this is the solution for you. We live in a instant connect world and most of your potential customers have a cell phone. Mobile advertising is the best way to […]

Home Business is big Money

Whether you’re getting ready to give up the old 9-to-5 grind and try to be your own boss, or  you’re just looking for a good second income, there are a ton of home business opportunities. The largest amount and the most lucrative are the income opportunities that are found on the Internet. Also, the home […]

Advertise your Home Business

Advertise your Home Business If you have a small business in your home then you probably have a hard time getting We have the answer to your problem with our low cost advertising solutions. No matter what you do (hair stylist, bicycle repair, small engine repair and so on) we can drive new customers to […]

You need to market your business online

You need to be marketing your business online.   If for some reason you are not already marketing your local business online, it is now time to start. There are a only few exceptions but just about every local business can benefit from using online marketing. There are so many great advantages to using this […]

Logo Designs

An eye catching logo will help to brand your company. Let us design a logo for your business using your idea and our creative talents. By having a rememerable logo your brand will be recognized time and time again. Our team has created hundreds of logo’s for business and personal use. Our logo design prices […]

Local Search Traffic

Getting local search traffic can be tricky. You need a few things to be sure the search engines serves you up on the first results. Your website has to be relevant without going overboard. You should make sure that your website is easy to navigate.  You need the proper keywords in your description and meta […]

Get Mobile Today

We design responsive websites so that you will be noticed on any device. Our service comes at a fraction of the price others charge and we deliver the same quality service they do and more. Call us today and put your business in front of thousands today.

Marketing in 2013

Marketing in 2013 is a whole new ballgame with cell phones. Marketing with Social Networking has become the new craze. No matter what form of business you have you still need advertising. #Mobile #marketing has become the radio of yesteryear when it comes to getting potential customers. Over 70% of search’s for products or business’s […]

You need a Mobile Website

Why you need to have a mobile website to succeed. Mobile devices are everywhere these days and that means more potential customers. With the incredible surge in popularity of things like tablet computers and smartphones, people no longer have to go to a desktop computer to get online and get the information they need. Nor […]