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Search Engine Optimization 

This is the life blood of your business online. I will run a diagnostic program on your website and provide you with what is needed to put you on page one.

Keywords are very important to your placement on the search results page. We provide you with countless keywords allowing you to stay on page one.

I can provide this service on existing websites as well as new ones.

Website Development

Quality website development or website design is the first step to success online.

Deciding on the purpose of your website is your first question. Why is this site being built, and who will be your audience?  Answering these questions will help me determine what kind of websites to build you.

I take your ideas and visions and create the perfect website for you to be profitable with online marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all social media marketing key players.

Using these as marketing tools is very profitable and provide a great return on investment when done right. We do it right.

We provide you with a social marketing plan that runs itself so you don't have to spend hours post sales or viral images to draw attention to your business.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is hot!

I produce a multitude of videos for internet and broadcast use. Nothing sticks in your mind more then a catchy video. I make ex plainer videos, personal, business and tutorial videos. All projects large and small will be considered. I have a very affordable set fee for all video projects. Get Noticed with your own You Tube channel or stream your videos on Facebook.

QR Codes and Digital Flyers

QR Codes are growing in popularity and use.

QR Codes open the door for fast interaction between you and countless potential customers. Codes are also a great way to announce specials, collect payments and much more.

Digital flyers and announcements are also a much needed marketing tool for your business. I produce your digital files in 24 hours or less with one correction allowed.