Search Engine Optimization


With Google getting smarter and with its always changing algorithm, improving and maintaining your search engine rankings is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to do on their own. Keyword stuffing that was once very useful can now get you spammed, and your business is gone from the search results. To make your website appear and stay in the top search results, you need to work on all features of every web page and not just on your content.


I stay updated on all algorithm changes made by Google, and I know what your website needs to stay ahead of your competitors. With my on-page SEO, I optimize every feature of your site for the three top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This will include your websites URL structure, any anchor text, HTML tags, all internal and broken links, the keyword density, the quality of the content of the site, and all other textual and visual elements.


I do in-depth market research and analysis.  I help you get noticed by the right target audience using the best tools for your business and establish your brand in the ever-growing digital world